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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outer Space.

Crayola 150 Crayon Telescoping Tower:

This was the best $17.99 I ever spent.

Even the awesome sharpener carefully hidden in the back of the 120 count box can't beat this little beauty...

Favorite Actual Color:

Sea Green (1949)

My favorite color of all time is aquamarine (my birthstone), but unfortunately the crayola color entitled "aquamarine" is really more of a sky blue. The crayon that is truest to my favorite color (truest to the actual color of the stone) is Sea Green.

Favorite Looking Crayon:

Orchid (1949)

Although purple isn't my favorite color (but it is nice!), this crayon is just really cool looking. The color when used to draw, is pretty cool, but the best part of this crayon is how it looks in it's solid form. I couldn't find a picture of it online and every picture I took didn't do it justice. But trust me on this. Go buy a variety of crayons and find the one called "Orchid."

Favorite Color Name:

Outer Space (1998)

Crayola never ceases to entertain me with the names they choose for their crayons (OPI makes a close second). Today, as I was rifling through my newly opened crayon box, I found my new favorite name. Outer Space. How cool! Its a grey hued color, but the paper sleeve on the crayon is a darker blue. Maybe it's not as cool as I personally think...

Reading Update:

I finally have started Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I am in Chapter Six, page 61 of 288 total pages. I have absolutely no idea what is going on and I love books that do that. All that I know is that it seems to be some sort of utopia book, following in the footsteps of 1984, Anthem, and The Giver. I also love utopia books! I will probably stay up a little bit tonight since tomorrow night I have dinner/ game night with my college small group and then I will be up late studying for my American National Government Exam on Thursday morning.

Preacher Update:

The homeless man I blogged about in my post Invisible Man, Danny, is no longer camped 300 feet from the woman who murdered his friend. According to Austin American Statesman and My Fox Austin, Lou Ann Tompkins (the woman) was arrested for the murder of Darin Bell (Danny's friend). Please read the stories; they are incredibly interesting. A short summary is that she shot him in the forehead with a 9 mm and six other handguns were found in her possession. The 9 mm matched ballistics of the bullet found on the victim and she was charged with first degree murder with her bail set at $1 million.

She was arrested Saturday, December 29, the day after we had a late McDonald's dinner with Danny. When we asked Danny how we could be praying for him, he ask us to pray for rest and peace because he has been staying up every night, anticipating Lou Ann to come after him for being friends with Darin and knowing what she did. I am absolutely not implying that by spending that hour and a half with him Friday night prevented her from coming after him, but its not impossible. The things that could have happened if we hadn't stopped, or simply left early out of awkwardness. He might have ended up going back to his camp earlier. We will never know for sure, but it definitely makes me more conscious of how God is using me and my life, outside of my life, for His good and taught me that somethings are way more valuable than the avoidance of awkward situations.

over and out.

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kollin said...

Thank You Danny for being My Brothers Friend.God Bless You Caaron Bell