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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I dare you to try it:

Okay, so today I decided to try out a new trend. It isn't really anything I have seen on campus or in magazines lately, but it is something I think is super adorable, and an awesome way to have the "look" of long hair, even when its still growing out. It is VERY similar to the Jewish tichel, a way married women cover their hair for modesty.

I actually had no idea that the style resembled  a traditional head covering until I started looking for pictures of other people (celebrities) wearing a similar style. My first encounter with this way of wearing a scarf was actually when I was 15 going on 16. I watched Rihanna's "Unfaithful" music video and fell in love with the way she wore her hair during part of it.
So whenever I went on a trip to Beverly Hills for my 16th birthday, I figured that would be the best place to try it out.
Beverly Hills Hotel

I had found this Givenchy scarf at a fancy vintage shop and did my best to tie it right. My mom laughed at me but I wore it anyways, complete with my not quite matching outfit and earrings. It was a rough first start and I will admit that today is the first time I have tried again (in public).

I really love it! I found a smaller scarf with a pretty pattern, and the smaller size really helped in making the scarf be extremely lightweight and kept the bun at at manageable size. To keep it secure on my head, I used a pony tail holder to pull the scarf into a side pony of sorts before wrapping the remaining ends into a bun. Because the scarf is a busy pattern, I kept the rest of my outfit neutral (a brown sweater and skinny jeans), and played up the blue of the scarf in my earrings, necklace, and bracelet and played up the red with a skinny red belt and red ballerina flats. To be honest, I was totally afraid of looking like a pirate or like I was trying to practice a culture of which I don't belong, but I think it actually turned out very pretty and flattering and is a fun new way to wear all my scarves. I will definitely be trying this look out again! 

Please leave comments about any thoughts on this look: positive, negative, anything! Here are some pictures of some celebrities wearing their hair similarly:

over and out.


Anonymous said...

This style is sooooo beautiful!!!! I love it paired with gorgeous earrings! I also love the fact that you can go to any fabric store to get a cute tribal print! Thanks for posting this

butterflyscribbles said...

im muslim and i use to wear my hijab like that. i like to think of it as a modern and elegant twist. :)

MMM said...

Great job pulling off this look. Looks really cute, stylish, and put together!

Jahan Aminah said...

I'm Muslim too:) but it looks so cute on you!! I love it! What you did is kind of a cross between a Jewish Tichel and an African Hijab.. Keep up the cool posts!

Anonymous said...

Im also muslim, I think the headwrap looks very stylish on you. Im going to start wearing my hijab thay way, albeit with a neck covering. Also im going to try some turban styles, their beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm losing my hair due to chemo. I appreciate the tips. It was nice to see both your pictures (regular person) and celebrity pictures. I just got a few wraps (all black). I'm kind of afraid of jumping in to the patter world. However, I found your tips to be quite useful. Thank you.