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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wish List:

Okay, so my 20th birthday is in a mere 10 days and I don't even feel that excited. Normally this close to my birthday, I am super excited and counting down the days. This is probably because I have gone on trips every year for my birthday since I turned 16. I spent 16 in Beverly Hills, 17 in Italy, 18 at a ranch resort and lodge, and 19 in Seattle. This year, on top of turning the boring age of 20, I haven't made any exciting plans. I may or may not go camping.. that's as far as I have gotten. Most of my excitement is pinned on September when Ethan and I will be moving to Angers, France for a semester abroad. So.. to get myself a little amped up, I went on a mini wishlist building extravaganza and found some fun things. I thought it would be fun to share my finds and if anyone wants to send a gift my way on March 13... :P





moss mills milo bracelet - photo 

Dachshund Bracelet 



Canvas Wedges 


Mental Floss Magazine 



 Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 320 Folding Camera with Leather Case and Manual

 over and out.

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