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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fat Free Cupcakes:

Well, almost fat free... only 15 calories from fat per cupcake! Here's a photo-recipe of how to make it :) Also, continue reading after the recipes for some lessons learned from my first try at this!

You need:
1 box of cake mix
12 oz (1 can) of soda
Candy center (optional)

First: Go to any local grocery store (we actually went to the Dollar Store)...On the way we got distracted by a pet store and went to play with some ducklings!

Anyways.. pick up any variety of these ingredients.. 
 Put the mix into a mixing bowl (obvs..)
 Pour in the soda...

Watch it fizz...
 Stir until well incorporated (it will be lumpier than you're used to)

Grease the pans (see lessons learned below...)
 Fill up 1/3 of the way...
 Take fun sized candy (optional)
 Cut candy into smaller squares..
 Stick in center of batter...
 Oh yeah! Pre-heat your oven to 350*F
 Put them...
 in the oven...
 And cook 10-15 minutes until the center of the cake does not depress with a light touch...

After you take them out of the oven, let them cool and enjoy a very light and fluffy, nearly fat free cupcake!!

Lessons learned:
1. Buying 12 ounce cans of soda instead of 20 ounce bottles allows you to avoid measuring the soda.
2. Diet sodas would make this recipe even better.
3. Because there is no oil in the batter, they stick.. like crazy.. even Pam didn't prevent them from sticking. Next time I will definitely be using cupcake liners.
4. Other flavor options Ethan and I think would be yummy (although the options are endless) are...

Cherry-Coke and Chocolate
Dr. Pepper and Red Velvet
Sprite and Lemon Cake
Sunkist and White Cake

What combos would you like to try?

over and out.

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