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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

La vie en France

So I have written about this before, but I feel like every couple of days, especially with this semester being almost over, I remember that I am going to France next semester. Then I get excited all over again and want to know something new about Angers that I have yet to learn. Today was one of those days and I decided to do some research on what Angers as a city has available to do on any given day. Through my research, I found that Angers is just the town for me! A nice sized, yet laid back city with lots of nature incorporated (like Austin!) There are plenty of outdoor activities, music, museums, and restaurants. As well as some nice, trendy, yet inexpensive shopping. I found all the information below on the St. Edward's France website. Enjoy!

Life in Angers

Angers is located in the heart of Loire Valley, on the banks of the Maine River, and about 300 km southwest of Paris. It is both a cultural and agricultural hub in France. You can enjoy some of the best foods, visit several of France’s most famous chateaux, and wander through beautiful, meticulously landscaped parks. Angers has a vibrant nightlife of dining, sightseeing, music and other activities.

There are also numerous outdoor activities to participate in, such as rowing, running, kayaking, hiking, and swimming. And being just 90 minutes from Paris via the TGV, it’s easy to visit the capital city.
Here are some more details about what’s available to students in Angers.


Music & Film

Magasins (Shops)
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    H&M and Zara?! You are in affordable yet trendy shopping heaven. So jealous!!