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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nuts & Bolts

Day Six: Ten

Okay so I am wearing my light jeans with my Uggs with the fitted white crew neck tee and an aquamarine cardigan. I am wearing gold jewelry (including the same earrings I seem to wear everyday and my favorite necklace from JCrew that Ethan bought me...it has an elephant on it!) and a headband (simply because I didn't feel like doing my hair this morning). I have found that if I pick out my outfit the night before, I don't get as frustrated with having to wear the same thing everyday. It gives me time to think through how I am going to put my outfit together and allows me to not have to think about getting dressed in the morning, which adds to the simplicity of it!

To Do Today:

1. Work
2. Haul all of my stuff up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment
3. Unpack
4. Grocery shop
5. Cook
6. Get organized for school tomorrow

Potential Tattoo:

Well, I know quite a few people who don't want me to get a 2nd tattoo and this isn't a post about a definite 2nd tattoo. Just an idea for what it would be IF I got one. IF.

Its Psalm 119:105 (KJV) "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."


All of my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are the following:
MODERN ART 12:30p-01:45p
AMERICAN DILEMMAS 02:00p- 03:15p
FRENCH II 03:30p-04:45p


Okay, so I picked 4 recipes from the 5-ingredients section of Cooking Light because I figured that would lower the quantity of items I needed to shop for and also would make for some easy recipes. I picked a chicken dish and a risotto dish for myself during the week and a salmon and mashed potatoes dish for when Ethan comes over for dinner (because he likes seafood!). Enjoy these recipes if you'd like and I'll do my best to post them as I make them.

Creamy Butternut Squash Risotto

Mushroom-Herb Chicken

Chili-Garlic Glazed Salmon

Mashed Red Potatoes with Chives

Shopping list:
1. Chicken breasts (2)
2. Shallots
3. Fresh mushrooms
4. Dried marjoram
5. Apple Cider
6. Arborio or other medium-grain rice (uncooked)
7. Vegetable Broth
8. Frozen pureed butternut squash
9. Parmesan cheese
10. Salmon filets (2)
11. Chili sauce with garlic
12. Low-sugar orange marmalade
13. Low-sodium soy sauce
14. Red Potato (1)
15. Garlic cloves
16. Reduced fat sour cream
17. fat free milk
18. yogurt based butter spread

Next up:

Finding an exercise program I actually enjoy and can do regularly.

over and out.


Erin_in_Boston said...

That is a beautiful tattoo. I love it. Great photo also.

New Mommy Angela said...

I love the ink~I've been thinking about getting one for years now, hesitating bc visibility is an issue. This is a great placement I hadn't thought of-Thanks for idea! Great pic!

KimmyKat320 said...

Not sure if you ever actually got this tattoo or not, but if you didnt, DONT get it in this place on your body. I have 3 stars on my left foot near my pinky toe and bc of the texture of the skin right there, the color does NOT hold AT ALL. its been touched up 3 times (not to mention foot tattoos hurt SO BAD, i have 9 tattoos and this one KILLED ME). Any ink placed that low on the side of your foot, is going to fade VERY quickly. If you DO get it on your foot, get it higher up, above the 'dead' skin (where the texture of your foot changes from smooth to rougher).

Anonymous said...

what font did you use for this quote???

Amber said...

I love your tattoo idea. I have one tattoo myself. It is on my left shoulder blade. On my 18th birthday my mom, sister and I got matching tattoos representing our family. Two large stars for our parents and four small stars for us four kids. One start with angel wings and halo for my oldest brother whom we lost to an accident. Nevertheless, I love it and am So ready to get another. My next one will me some sort of script from the bible. I just have to wait and find one that speaks to me.
I say get the tattoo, it is beautiful and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! I hope you won't be offended if "someone"
copies you :)

Anonymous said...

if you didnt get that tattoo already...go for it! just get it higher up above the arch of your foot.the lower you go the more chance it wont stay on. i got both of mine done and they didnt need to be touched up once! they also didnt hurt especially when comparing it to the top of the foot...yes i have that done too.

Anonymous said...

great tatt idea. I've got something similar... same psalm different style on my ankle http://pinterest.com/pin/89931323779551414/

Anonymous said...

for the previous comment about not getting a tattoo right here on the foot. well,my husband has been a tattoo artist for 18 yrs and as long as the person is using the right ink it will be fine. it's all about what the artist knows and what they don't. it's a beautiful tattoo and an awesome spot. pain is all on the customer and all about mind set. it will only hurt as much as you let it. :-)
happy Tattoo finding.
like I said it's a.beautiful Tattoo and a great spot. the words are beautiful.

Vipin said...

Whose feet are those? I can do anything in the world to get hold of them

Vivek Thakur said...

Tattoo on foot nice.. girls most beautiful parts are hands and foot, that can visible to everyone.

tattoos designs said...

foot is looking so lovely with these tattoos designs

Anonymous said...

I have a few and I love them all. One the foot is beautiful and very elegant.

Anonymous said...

On the foot :)